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Flyvee is designed to connect you with people of similar interests as efficiently as possible. Filter by age, gender, relationship status, and interests to match with and view the locations of people who meet the criteria for whatever it is you’re looking for. Interested in romance? A co-ed flag football league? Someone to watch horror movies with? Flyvee provides an open-ended platform to let users easily and intuitively decide for themselves how to find their crowd or special someone. Stop guessing where you should go to meet your birds of a feather. Download Flyvee and find your people today!

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In the world of online dating, it's inevitable that you'll exchange some personal information. You don't have to reveal anything you do not wish to, and we advise that you do not disclose any sensitive information like your personal address, or other unnecessary information.

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We store your location securely on our server. We do everything we can to keep your location anonymous while utilizing it to provide more relevant results and for the map feature.

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